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With hair color, balayage, and olaplex.

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Wanting Brighter Hair?

Wanting brighter hair? Balayage is a wonderful way to brighten your look. Balayage is responsible for many of the looks you see today in media and print.

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is fabulous for preventing and stopping further damage to any brightening services.

How Scott Richards Salon
perceives hair color

We perceive hair color as the ultimate accessory for every woman. We can enhance, blend, brighten, or darken in a wide variety of hair color shades. When hair color is done right it gives you a wave of confidence and a full sense of empowerment. When you change or enhance your hair color a change happens in how you feel and view yourself.

This can be truly magical.

Welcome to Scott Richards Salon.

What is Savana Beauty?

Savana Beauty is a purifying page helping women and young girls with make up colors and skin care practices.

Aveda Exclusive Salon

After several years in business, and going through several color lines and hair products, we decided to make the switch to becoming an official Aveda salon.
About 5 years ago, Aveda interviewed us to see if we were a good fit for their brand. The two-week process involved business analyzing procedures and location scouting to prevent too many Aveda Salons in the same area.

Aveda has different tiers of partnerships. Since we take hair seriously, we decided to become an Aveda exclusive salon. This means we carry there hair color and use there hair care products. Also, you can now purchase Aveda products through our store.

Becoming an Aveda salon has been a great partnership and their hair color line has given us great creativity.

Aveda Color Line

The first goal with Aveda products was to determine if the color line was really what we wanted. Aveda color line is like no other color line. We had to consider that to use Aveda color products, you must go through vigorous training. After several classes and consultations, it became clear using their products was the right decision.

Fall & Winter Hair Color Trends

Keep up with the latest hair color trends this Fall and Winter!

Mushroom Brown

Warm Balayage

Burgundy Red

Burgundy Red

We love hair trends at Scott Richards Salon. We know what keeps us current and always looking to the future as hairstylists. Staying up on hair trends is one of our favorite ways of doing just that.