Savana Beauty Update

It’s already January!

Lately the salon has been busy, hard to believe in January but it’s actually a pretty steady month. February is the slow down month in the salon industry. So Allison is one of the great stylists in our salon, among others. Allison came to me and said, Scott , it’s January. Let’s add some new things to the salon. I hear that and my ears rise up like Spock in Star Trek. So what’s on your mind Allison? When we first moved in we added aqua beachy string curtains  as accents around the salon and they looked great. Allison says let’s change the curtains, a lump appeared in my throat, really? That has been our staple color in the salons for 8 years. It matches our logo, back wall and other things as well. She said well I already ordered them, My eyes popped out.

“What should I do with my hair?”

“I have always loved organics and I am really into using oils for great results.”

Now Allison has been a salon owner previously for many years and she has been a powerhouse in helping operate and maintain mine. I have always kept a clean and neat salon but sometimes the little things get looked over because I am thinking of the salon stuff and growth.
So I have been in the process of creating some customizable carrier oils for hair softening, reducing frizz and adding shine. I have always loved organics and I am really into using oils for great results. Allison’s box showed up the other day with the new curtains and before I knew it she had the up and trimmed to fit the salon. I have to say Allison was right  the new curtains looked fantastic and the other great stylists loved them as well and it is creating quite a buzz from the clients. Allsiion also added a new no touch trash can in our bathroom as well as a very stylish happer for our dirty smocks. Now, she walks around with a smile in her face because she knows she is right and I would agree.