Hair color, Root color touch ups, Hair color balancing and color blending. All color services includes professional consultation followed by a fabulous style.
Root Touchup 65.00
Glossing/shine Toning   30.00
Demi Colors 55.00
Hair Color Services - Ombre At Scott Richards Salon our focus is you. Your hair is important to us. To creating the right color for your skin tone and life style. Our stylist work in a focused manner paying attention to detail and timing and ensuring integrity. We all know some looks take time to achieve, that’s why we create a plan and work towards that goal. We want to create beautiful colors  that reflect our philosophy and give you the look that you are trying to achieve. Our color pallet is Aveda which offers a wide range of plant based color tones available. We recommend Aveda products to enhance and maintain all color processes. We also love and recommend Redken shades for most of our color toning processes, They cannot be beat.   Everyone at this Aveda salon has talent! No beginner stylists! Scott Richards started in hair design in Atlanta, worked his way through Buckhead, and back to Atlanta on the north end, close to where it all began. Scott has chosen a highly professional staff to surround himself and collaborate. His team has talent and patience to do the job right, guaranteed. We all work well together, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. Our motto is if you look good, you feel good. ~ Scott Richards Check out our instagram profile to see pics of all our services! We are located in at 4691 S Atlanta Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339. So please feel free to call or stop by at anytime.

Balayage Price
 Balayage Starting 100
Glossing Starting 30
Followed by a fablous style
Face framing 65


Half 85   
Full Starting      150
Glossing Starting    30
Breaking the base, Let’s seemingly blend your root with your lights and lows.    25
Services Price
Brazilian Blowout Starting  200
Service Pricing
Women 55
Future Women (12 to 18) 40
Men’s  29
Kid’s  (11 and under) 25

UP STYLES  Starting  55